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Would Highly Recommend!


I hired Sunshine and Feinstein to represent me for my recent divorce and they did not disappoint- everyone always talks about divorces taking forever and that the attorneys drag it out to pad their legal bill. My divorce took 8 months, they made it super easy! I would highly recommend them and their legal team!

The Best of the Best!

Sunshine & Feinstein consists of an amazing team of intelligent, hardworking, and honest attorneys who take pride in their work and strive to get the best outcome for their client!

From the moment I met Janet R. Faber, Joel Sunshine, and Brian Feinstein, I knew my case was in the best hands!
From the start, they explained how the process works and prepared me for what I could expect.

Janet is a highly intelligent and talented matrimonial attorney who has an exceptional memory and knew my case inside out! I cannot thank Janet enough for her determination and dedication on my case, in addition to going beyond the call of duty and genuinely caring about my wellbeing. Janet should be extremely proud of her work and the positive difference she has made in my life!

I was also truly fortunate and proud to have Joel Sunshine as my talented and experienced litigator! Joel is a highly intelligent attorney and has a gift of being able to think quickly, outside the box and argue a case extremely well! I was impressed by Joel's knowledge of my case and how he was determined to get me the positive outcome I wanted! I also thank Brian Feinstein who is a highly intelligent attorney, for all the valuable input he contributed to my case! I could not have wished for a better team of professionals, and I highly recommend Janet, Joel, and Brian for any type of matrimonial representation.


Smooth Process


Hiring Joel Sunshine took away the worry and fear. From the moment I met with Joel and his team I knew I was in good hands with my Separation case. The integrity came through when he spoke and this was of the utmost importance to me. I did not want someone representing me who was going to spin lies. And this is what came through with my husband’s lawyer-they lied and made up stories from the beginning. During depositions, Joel was so smooth as extremely caring and courteous to my husband. Afterwards my husband remarked what a good guy Joel was and he even said he would recommend him to friends! (He switched attorneys a couple times during our separation). From the beginning Joel told me exactly how things were going to go including what the costs and outcomes and even timelines would be. He was right on the money with all these accounts. I have already recommended him and Stacy-his wife out to several friends and will continue to do so.


Amazing attorney! Couldn't recommend enough.


Joel Sunshine is an incredibly intelligent, hardworking, ethical, honest attorney. He is also a rare find in lawyers these days because he actually cares about his client and fought for me with passion and heart. He is an awesome litigator who is articulate, can think on his feet, prepares tirelessly and knows how to argue a case. He makes a great team with his wife...


Outstanding and Professional Lawyer


Joel Sunshine is an extraordinary matrimonial attorney!! He is very knowledgeable in his field and a very well spoken man. If it weren't for his expertise and his knowledge of the court system my divorce would have been a total nightmare. I highly recommend him to any one that is in need of a divorce attorney. Joel always took the time to address my concerns and made himself accessible to me. I must say that I am very pleased with the outcome of my divorce process and more importantly in matters where my children are concerned. Joel's work ethics have my sincere respect and admiration. In preparing any documentation for the other attorneys and/or the courts he was steadfast in being clear, honest, and open-minded. For me he was a true partner that walked along side and guided me through a difficult time. I couldn't have asked for a better advocate.


Great Care and Balance

TF | Staten Island, NY

I have been doing business with Sunshine and Feinstein for more than 10 years. What ever they’ve done for me, both business and personal, has been done with great care and balance. Joel Sunshine and Brian Feinstein have been a steadying force for me, they have become loyal and trusted friends over these years. Their counsel to me is without measure – I’m not sure where I would be without them both.


The Most Intelligent Lawyer I Have Encountered

V. R. | Bellmore, NY 

Joel Sunshine of Sunshine & Feinstein was the last chance I had to save my kids from a father who claimed he wanted custody in an effort to not pay child support. While that is a common story, Joel, his partner Brian, and his entire staff were far from common. Joel is the most intelligent [lawyer] I have encountered, and the only one who gave it to me straight, from the start. I needed someone with gumption, someone who knows right from wrong and has a heart. I found it with Sunshine Feinstein. Signed, A happy mom of two with Sole Custody


He is Cordial & Professional

B.C. | Garden City South, NY 

I thank and commend Brian Feinstein of Sunshine & Feinstein, LLP on his fine work. His method of getting the job done without attacking the opposition is good form. He is cordial and it counts. He is a real professional and it clearly shows. It is also quite comforting that he knows our situation up, down, left, and right. We really could not speak more highly of him, his methods, and his tactical prowess. He is the measuring stick for attorney’s in his field and we feel blessed to have him in our corner.


Remarkable Professionalism, Efficiency, & Care

C.C. | Mill Neck, NY

The professionalism, efficiency, care and concern shown to me by Danielle, Stacey and Joel was remarkable. From the first phone conversation to the completion of my Settlement Agreement, I felt that I was in the most competent hands and that I was always a priority. The communication was excellent. I never felt that I wasn’t informed on the process.


They Show Great Courtesy & Personal Attention

M.C. | Sag Harbor, NY

As a small business owner, I have been a client of Sunshine & Feinstein since 2007. Brian and his staff have always shown me a great deal of courtesy and professionalism. They have jumped through hoops for me and have given me the personal attention required when I need it. Brian is extremely well versed in the law and a thoughtful business advisor. I know I will be doing business with them for many more years to come!


Simply the Best!

D.S. | Glen Cove, NY

My siblings and I would like to thank Joel, and his amazing team, for going above and beyond to assist us during a time of great need. Joel’s obvious legal knowledge and warm personality transformed an overwhelming and scary situation into one of ease. His courtroom confidence was an obvious indication of years worth of experience. We are eternally grateful for his willingness to take on our case, no questions asked, and achieve what we had once thought was a highly unlikely outcome. I can not say enough about Joel as person or as an attorney. He is simply the best!


Hiring Them Was One of the Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

C.B. | Old Bethpage, NY

Five years ago I went through a very difficult divorce . My ex-wife hired a very aggressive and litigious attorney to represent her making the process even more difficult. I was fortunate to have been referred to Sunshine and Feinstein, by a friend, and decided to hire them to represent me. This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Joel and Brian were “great”! Both were always available to talk me through the process and help with any issues that presented themselves. Joel was firm but, fair in dealing with my ex-wife and her attorney, making every attempt to settle the case in the most beneficial and economical manner as possible. As a family man, Joel understood the emotional pain I was experiencing due to the new decrease in contact I would be having with my children. He fought for every possible opportunity for me to spend as much time with my children, for which I am forever grateful. Throughout the process as we developed our relationship, I began to consider both Joel and Brian friends. Even after the divorce process came to a close, I have remained in contact with both of them. I strongly recommend, without reservation, Sunshine and Feinstein for any matrimonial representation