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Types of Spousal Support

Several types of spousal support are available for the different circumstances that our clients face. 

Temporary spousal maintenance is when the court awards pendente lite relief so that spouses who are dependent can maintain the same type of lifestyle they became accustomed to during the marriage. 

Fixed durational maintenance is granted to rehabilitate and improve the employment potential of the dependent spouse. 

Permanent maintenance continues through the rest of the receiving spouse’s life or until they remarry.

Final orders of spousal maintenance are different from child support orders in that there is not a strict guideline for how spousal support is calculated. Domestic relations law requires the court to consider various factors when deciding on a spousal support award, including:

  • Property and income of both parties
  • Duration of marriage
  • Age / health of both parties
  • Present / future earning capacities
  • Ability of parties to become independent
  • Tax consequences of each party
  • Property division order
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