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Most people are under the assumption that children will always be in custody under the mother immediately following a divorce or separation. As legal counselors in a modern society, we can assure you that this is a costly assumption. At Sunshine & Feinstein, LLP, our Long Island father’s rights lawyers believe that children deserve to have their fathers in their lives. Just as important, fathers deserve to have their children in their lives.

Just as mothers have the right to pursue child custody, fathers also have the right to seek custodial rights of their children as well. We make it our mission to advocate on behalf of men throughout New York, and as such, we see to it that father’s rights are heard, recognized, and celebrated.

If you are a father who is currently fighting for custody, you must know that you do not have to fight this fight alone. Our Long Island divorce lawyers have been recognized as “The Best Divorce Attorneys” by the Long Island Press and we are more than ready to fight to protect your custodial rights as a father.

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Proudly Representing Men Throughout New York for 50+ Years

At Sunshine & Feinstein, LLP, our New York divorce attorneys have more than 50 years of collective legal experience to our firm’s name. Not only do we possess the required legal knowledge to bring your case to a favorable end, but we also have the tenacious litigation strategies needed if your particular case goes to court.

We can handle all types of family law-related cases, including:

Whether you are moving forward as a single parent, are currently negotiating a shared custody arrangement, or need to take immediate legal action due to a presumed domestic violence issue, we are ready to take action for you. Though we do believe that children have much to gain from being under the care and love of both parents, sole custody arrangements can sometimes be ideal for the entire family in order to move forward in the healthiest manner possible.

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You need to take immediate action in order to preserve your rights as a father. If you are a father currently going through child custody issues or are currently seeking joint custody of your children, you will need professional help from our legal team.

You have the right to raise your children the way you intend to – with love and support.
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