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7 Qualities of a Great New York Divorce Attorney

Published: Aug 24, 2018 11:15:00 AM // Topics: Divorce
7 Qualities of a Great New York Divorce Attorney

When going through a divorce, you're probably worried about several things: the potential outcome, the stress of your marital situation, the financial aspects, and the time and effort involved. A great divorce attorney can alleviate some of these concerns, making sure your case goes more smoothly and helping to achieve a more favorable outcome.

Here are some qualities to look for when considering divorce attorneys in New York:

1. Confidence

Look for someone who has self-confidence. If your attorney doesn’t have much faith in his or her abilities, then the outcome of the case is likely not going to be in your favor. Additionally, confidence tends to coincide with a legal representative’s experience going to trial and his or her success rate, which is why you should take those factors into consideration, as well.

2. Experience

Experience is absolutely essential for any attorney, but especially during a divorce. Your attorney should have the proper academic credentials, as well as a professional track record of working with divorce clients and actually going to trial. It's also helpful if he or she has experience with different types of family law cases, such as child custody, spousal maintenance, and distribution of assets. With a strong record of past experience, a divorce attorney can give you knowledgeable feedback and help you make informed decisions regarding your case.

3. Responsiveness

Even the best attorneys aren't helpful if they're not responsive. A great attorney will take the time to answer your questions and provide information when you need it. Your lawyer should also have good communication skills in the courtroom because the judge needs to understand your side of the case. However, responsiveness isn't just an critical quality of an attorney. His or her staff should also exhibit this characteristic, assisting the attorney in being responsive to your questions and concerns.

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4. Reliability and Organization

Look for an attorney who is reliable and organized. Such legal consultants stay on top of important dates and tasks, giving you court dates and other information as quickly as possible. It's frustrating when a lawyer misplaces paperwork or files, so a tidy office is helpful, as well.

5. Passion

You want an attorney who is passionate about their profession and really cares about the outcome of your case. There is no room for complacency within a courtroom; that almost guarantees an undesirable outcome. The best lawyers are eager to take your case and do their best to attain the desired outcome for your situation by being thorough and aggressive.

6. Negotiation Skills

While communication skills are essential, negotiation skills are crucial, too. An attorney may be great at communicating within the courtroom, but have poor negotiation tactics. Good negotiators exercise diplomacy and learn what your spouse is looking for in any settlement, while staying firm on the most important issues to you.

7. Perseverance

Perhaps most important, you should look for perseverance in an attorney—one who never backs down to a fight. Some New York divorce attorneys may seem eager to take on your case at first, but their communication and effort slowly fade as the case continues. A great lawyer has a track record of determination, focusing on your goals for the case from beginning to end, and never giving up the pursuit until obtaining the settlement or verdict you desire.

The search for a divorce attorney may be frustrating, particularly because there are so many New York attorneys available. However, it's well worth the effort. A divorce has a significant impact on your life, and you want the best outcome possible. Choosing a lawyer may be the most important decision you make regarding your divorce, so it's important to look for the qualities listed here and hire an attorney who seems right for your situation.

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