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Are you considering divorce? Depending on your circumstances, legal separation may be a preferable choice. Contact a Long Island divorce lawyer from our firm for experienced insight. We have more than 55 years of combined experience in family law, and have been recognized as Long Island’s “Best Divorce Attorneys” by the Long Island Press. With these qualifications, you can trust us to provide optimal counsel for your situation.

Separation vs. Divorce

We understand that separation can be difficult. While legally separating from your spouse may not resolve all your concerns, it can alleviate some of the stress you would otherwise face in a divorce. This is due to the fact that separation leaves certain options open that are no longer available after a couple has dissolved their marriage.

The differences between separation and divorce include:

  • Legal status: Until they get a divorce, separated couples remain legally married.
  • Tax status: Because they are still married, a separated couple can file for joint taxes.
  • Financial opportunities: While they are separated, a couple can share financial benefits. Similarly, they can prolong divorce long enough to receive certain military benefits.
  • Potential for reconciliation: A couple can reconcile from separation very easily. After divorce, this is a different story.

While these differences exist between separation and divorce, they are practically identical in all other respects. A separated couple will have to determine custody, support, and property division; and they will even have to meet the same grounds for separation as they would for divorce. Still, though the difference between separation and divorce is small, it can make a large difference in your confidence as you step into a new life.

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